There is a belief in small business that life must be chaos. If you are not working on your business 24-7, then you are falling behind. We think that belief is worth challenging.

Our Products & Services

We provide independent advice and support in a selection of cloud-based products compatible with the Xero ecosystem.








Business Information Systems

We specialise a suite of core products that have proven results in small business. These systems include:

We work with you to ensure that you have the right mix of products for your business. We then configure them to suit your needs and make sure your staff know how to use them properly and provide as-needed support.








Financial Reporting & Bookkeeping

Financial reporting is absolutely critical to being able to predict cash flow and profitability. Without this information you would not know if your business is in trouble until it is too late to turn things around.

We work closely with you to understand your reporting needs and design ways to get the information with minimal fuss and fiddle.

We can also help assess your regular bookkeeping needs and either provide interim relief while we help you recruit an ongoing bookkeeper or provide a stress-free out-sourcing solution for your bookkeeping needs.




HR & Recruitment

Most small businesses do not really know the ins and outs of HR compliance obligations. It very often falls in the ‘too-hard’ basket.

We know the headaches that can come from incorrect contracts, lack of clear policies and performance management procedures. We can provide advice, support or an outsourced HR and Recruitment services to small businesses. This can include role definitions and position descriptions, contract reviews or creations, performance management frameworks, performance management reviews and outplacement/redundancy packages.





Process Improvement

We can provide in-depth analysis and assistance with process improvement. We do this through a series of meetings with you and your staff to observe, understand and document current processes, which we then use as the basis to recommend improvements. We use a holistic, iterative approach to ensure that the changes we put in place will not cause major disruptions to productivity or business culture.


Project Management

Project Management can be set up with ridged processes or be loosely drawn upon to tidy up internal ways of working. It all depends on how much structure and control you need, which os often linked to cost and risk.

We can provide formal or informal training in Project Management principles and tools. Our training can be tailored to align with PMBOK, Prince2 or Agile if required, or can be combined to suit your own tastes and business culture.

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