• What’s all this cloud nonsense?

    Cloud products and services are popping up just about everywhere. As a general rule, we find people fall into one of two camps: 

    • Ooh, what is that? I want it
    • What’s all this ‘Cloud’ nonsense?

    Anyone familiar with change theory will of course recognise these groups as typical symptoms of Early Adoptors and Late Majority or Laggards (though I have never liked that term).

    So here’s the question: Should you care about cloud technology and what is it anyway?

    In simple terms, it’s really still just the internet. The significance though is in how people are using it. With faster and more consistent access, you can get access to things whenever and wherever you need it.

    For example, by combining Dropbox and Google Chrome Sync I can easily switch between my laptop, desktop and android phone. I can keep track of all my bookmarks and passwords and any editing I do on one computer gets automatically updated on my other computers whenever they have internet access. I can join a GoToMeeting conference on my phone if I am running late or send files to people from wherever I am. As someone who does a lot of document editing on the go (picture trains, planes and cafes across Australia) this is invaluable.

    But it’s not just about convenience. I use WorkflowMax as a CRM system and to keep track of current and upcoming work that needs to be done. Because it links seamlessly with Xero and Saasu, it cuts out sooooo much double handling.

    To put it simply, if you are still manually creating quotes, emailing them out, attaching the quote number to an invoice and then manually updating your accounting system, you are wasting valuable time and adding risk to your business. The more manual entry you have, the more room there is for error.

    As you can probably tell, we are a huge fan of cloud solutions for small business. So come and have a chat with us!

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