GeoOp - allowing field workers to be more productive

Part of the Xero Ecosystem, GeoOp has revolutionised how you assign jobs to field staff.

If your business involves field workers that are on the move from job to job, GeoOp allows office staff to allocate incoming jobs to field staff via the GeoOp app on a computer, phone or tablet app in real time. Staff check in and out of jobs allowing office staff to schedule jobs more efficiently. GeoOp has a GPS tracking system which allows office staff to assign field staff jobs in the geographical area they are working, allowing for higher productivity and less travel time.

What does GeoOp do?

You can create jobs, add site information, enter parts requirements and create invoices all within the GeoOp program, allowing a more efficient work flow, and visibility throughout each stage of the job.

The GeoOp software also allows you to use the logged time entered by field staff for payroll and if you use Xero for your accounting software – pushes the data through to Xero. It also allows you to create accurate invoices based on the workers logged time, reducing error and potential sources of contention from customers.

How Northpoint can help

As a GeoOp Implementation Partner, Northpoint can implement your transition to GeoOp, importing your current job data, client information, setting up your templates, and linking your system to Xero effectively.

We can also design, implement and roll out your new GeoOp office and field processes, providing training, change management, tailored manuals and ongoing support to all staff within your business.

Watch this video to hear how GeoOp has helped customers across the world gain better control of their business processes:

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