Collaborating in your office should be streamlined, easy and, most of all, allow your team work the way they work best. Let your team embrace their creativity, share ideas and take ownership of finding solutions to your business’ problems.

This is where Office 365 and Sharepoint come in. Operating and giving results in a similar way in which we use Social Media, this little-understood, highly-powerful tool brings new meaning to productivity.

Office 365 Business Essentials lets you:

  • Get work done anywhere – on desktop, tablet or phone in Word, Excel and Powerpoint from a browser
  • Simplify how you work together – Store, sync and share filed online and edit in real time with OneDrive
  • Set up your productivity easily – adding and deleting users is a breeze
  • Use online email and calendars, conferencing and instant messaging with Skype
  • Have your team connecting and sharing ideas and organising projects through Yammer
  • Use SharePoint to empower individuals, teams and organisations to intelligently discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere on any device.

You’ve employed smart people, now give them the tools to use their talents, brainstorm ideas and share them without having to have a face to face meeting with management.

Watch how Delve can help you work better:

Wondering what the fuss is about with Office 365?

Perhaps you’re wondering how the Office 365 hype can be anything more than just that – hype? Most people use Microsoft Office the same way they’ve always used it – after all, what can be that exciting about Word? SherWeb have put together a list of 15 cool features of Office 365 that will change the way you use Microsoft Office.


Microsoft Alternatives

As much as we love Microsoft, we know it’s not the answer for everyone. Depending on your industry and size, you may not need to use these products. We can also provide guidance and training in some alternative solutions. Here is a short video presentation on the pros and cons of
Offices versus Google Docs. If you are not sure what you need, just ask us!


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