Now an ICB Training Provider!

Northpoint Business Consulting recently went through the process to become an Accredited Training provider with the Institute of Chartered Bookkeeping (ICB)
We are very excited about this new alliance.

This means that bookkeepers can now claim certain training activities, including WorkflowMax training and consulting, as part of their Professional Development hours. Yay!

We know how important these hours are for bookkeepers in maintaining their professional qualifications. If you would like to know more about the training we offer and which courses count towards these hours please contact us. We can also help you set up quick and easy systems for keeping track of the hours you have or plan to log for PD.

We also recently hosted a very successful training session on WorkflowMax with members of the Hornsby ICB Chapter. Thanks to everyone who attended and look forward to catching up with each of you again soon!


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