New PowerPoint Presentation course

We have a new course, hot of the press! It is designed as a practical PowerPoint course, incorporating technical skills as well as the opportunity to practice and improve your presentation skills. 
During the first half of the day we will cover core skills in creating a really great PowerPoint Presentation, including:

Creating a Presentation

  • Creating A Presentation
  • Creating Sections
  • Cropping A Picture
  • Aligning Objects

Transitions & Animation

  • Animating Objects
  • Copying Animations
  • Applying Slide Transitions

Design & Customisation

  • Using the Slide Master
  • Using pre-set Themes
  • Customising Colours
  • Creating your own Theme

In the afternoon we will give you the opportunity to practice your presentation skills, using PowerPoint as a visual aid. There are lots of aspects to a great presentation, including:

Presentation Practice

  • Placement and amount of content
  • Rational use of transitions and animation
  • Use of colour and images
  • Use of sound and video
  • Confidence and practice presenting with PowerPoint

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