There is a belief in business that life must be chaos – if you are not working on your business 24-7, then you are falling behind. We think that belief is worth challenging.

Our Products & Services

We analyse your business and identify areas for improvement. The areas of improvement we specialise in are cloud based products, process creation and improvements, organisational culture and behaviour, HR, project management, staff management and growth strategy.

Our staff have Social Science, Consulting and IT backgrounds which allows us to provide you with unique services based not only around the needs of your business, but also the skill sets of your staff, their personalities your company culture and the industry you work in. We believe in efficiency, productivity, flexibility and working smarter.

Much of our favourite cloud products are within the Xero ecosystem, allowing for seamless integration between them which helps eliminate admin and double handling.



Cloud Business Information Systems

We specialise a suite of core products that have proven results in modern business. These systems include (but aren’t limited to):

We work closely with you to ensure that you have the right mix of products for your business. We then implement your systems, configure them to suit your needs, migrate your data and test them before launch. We train you on your new products, conduct change management, write and provide tailored manuals to your new workflows, and provide on-going support.


Culture & Organisational Behaviour

An area that is often overlooked in business is culture and organisational behaviour. Interestingly, changes to these can often be the biggest threat to a businesses success.

Establishing a cultural model is harder than it sounds, and keeping that culture is even harder. We’ve all worked in businesses that were wonderful to work in one day, but a new hire or an inefficient system later and the whole dynamic changes. The outcome inevitably is decreased motivation, employee disengagement and increased staff turnover. Losing your best staff can mean the difference between success or failure for SME’s.

Because our staff have Social Science backgrounds and are active participants in writing papers in this area, we are in a unique position to assess your business’ current culture and organisational behaviour. We do this whilst analysing your business for improvements and during the implementation of your new systems. This allows us to identify people problems along the way, and ensure the staff members who need extra support or attention receive it. We can also advise you on how to deal with staff management issues, how to improve morale or how to best show your staff they’re appreciated without breaking the bank.



HR & Recruitment

Most SME’s don’t really know the ins and outs of HR compliance obligations. It very often falls in the ‘too-hard’ basket.

We know the headaches that can come from incorrect contracts, lack of clear policies and lack of performance management procedures. We also know that a bad hire can make or break you. We therefore provide advice, support, and outsourced HR and Recruitment services to our clients. These are usually provided on a monthly retainer basis, but can also be provided as and when required.

Our HR support can include role definitions and position descriptions, contract reviews or creations, performance management frameworks and reviews, plus retrenchment / redundancy packages. We provide salary benchmarking, advice on award rates along with staff management coaching and support.

Our HR and recruitment services are provided with a Social Science approach ensuring company culture preservation, and take into account existing staff personalities and dynamics. Recruitment agencies rarely take these things into account, and is often why the people they hire don’t work out. We also provide advice on where your skill gaps are and what roles you need to recruit for and when.

To make life even easier, we have HR cloud platforms that hold your HR contracts and documents, onboard staff seamlessly and integrate with your accounting systems and the ATO. This allows you to cut out paper contracts, Tax File Declaration forms and paper HR files which are insecure.



Process Improvement

We provide in-depth analysis and assistance with process improvement. We do this through a series of meetings with you and your staff to observe, understand and document current processes, which we then use as the basis to recommend improvements. We use a holistic, iterative approach to ensure that the changes we put in place will not cause major disruptions to productivity or business culture. If we have implemented cloud systems for you, we conduct process improvements before training, and document them to form part of your company policies and procedures.


Project Management

Project Management can be set up with rigid processes or be loosely drawn upon to tidy up internal ways of working. What we recommend depends on how much structure and control you need, which os often linked to cost and risk.

We provide formal or informal training in Project Management principles and tools. Our training can be tailored to align with PMBOK, Prince2 or Agile if required, or can be combined to suit your own tastes and business culture.

Some of the cloud systems we offer are based on Project Management principles, and therefore it is often beneficial to integrate Project Management training with your project management cloud systems training if you are implementing both.

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