• Subscriptions are Active!

    It is now possible to subscribe to our Events page via an RSS feed!

    If you don’t know about RSS feeds yet or are not sure how to set them up, keep an eye out for our next social media course or contact us for some help!

    In short though, it is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Wikipedia has a great little article on how it all started and what they are used for. If you don’t have a Reader yet, you can set one up quickly and easily. Some of the most popular ones are:

    • Google Reader – if you have a Google account this is really easy to activate and integrate
    • iGoogle – Also Google, but has a custom dashboard that you can get quite sophisticated with
    • Bloglines – Easy to use and lots of features
    • NewsGator – Read the news from within your MS Outlook
    • NetNewsWire – A Mac friendly option

    RSS is a great way to stay on top of industry or topic specific news without being bombarded with emails, so if you haven’t discovered it yet – now is the time!

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